DS Ronnie Brooks and DS Matt Devlin are forced to re-open a contentious murder case after a metal-detecting pensioner unearths a shallow grave by the side of the Thames. But their ensuing investigation leads them to question the conviction of Luke Slade by prosecutor James Steel several years earlier.

After Luke is given leave to appeal, it is James who must revisit his past – one of his first cases for the Crown Prosecution Service. When Luke decides to represent himself in court it soon becomes a personal vendetta between he and James. Luke has been studying law during his spell in prison and he is determined not to lose to James again.

As Luke begins to get the better of James in court, Crown Prosecutor Alesha Phillips and her boss George Castle begin to question whether James was overzealous at the initial trial. And when the prosecution comes under threat, personal and professional loyalties are tested to the limit.

Is Luke really guilty of murder? And why is he taking so much pleasure in the games of cat and mouse with James, whose career is on the line. And there is more murder to come…