Travelling the States visiting offices to sack people in the most sympathetic way, George Clooney lives out of a suitcase and loves his high-flying lifestyle.

On the side, he gives lectures about travelling your life better by dumping all personal baggage.

But then things get bumpy thanks to Anna Kendrick, a pinched, ambitious young upstart who thinks people can be sacked over the videocam, and high-flying Vera Farmiga, who he thinks could be his soul mate as well as his sex buddy.

This wonderful romcom is an amazingly good movie – witty, funny, intelligent and supremely entertaining. Farmiga is super and Kendrick is also spot-on. Clooney turns his usual smoothie act into something astonishingly touching: he looks and acts like a man who’d love ’em and leave ’em but he does have a heart – and a great, big, vulnerable one.