Logan Marshall-Green plays a down-to-earth guy left widowed and paraplegic by a mugging in this smart sci-fi thriller.

Step forward youthful billionaire inventor Harrison Gilbertson who, in this near-future, tech-dominated world, offers to ‘upgrade’ Marshall-Green’s body with the aid of an implanted microchip called Stem.

His limbs duly restored and the voice of Stem inside his brain, Marshall-Green sets about trying to solve his wife’s murder – and when the going gets tough, Stem is able to take over his body, turning him into a lethal warrior.

Filmed with kinetic fury by writer-director Leigh Whannell, the combat scenes are striking – and Marshall-Green is quite brilliant at conveying his character’s jerky bewilderment and thunderstruck dismay when Stem starts dictating his awesome moves.

This movie premieres on Saturday 18th May.