Ups and downs for Marilyn

Sid tells Marilyn that Nicole’s actions were just instinctive, but Marilyn feels Nicole overstepped the boundaries and insists they feed George formula. Sid tells Roo that Marilyn has forgotten everyone else’s feelings while caring for George. But when Sid returns home, Marilyn has prepared a lavish afternoon tea for everyone, promising things will get better.

Liam is down about his music and Bianca fears he may have another drug relapse. However, Liam carries on with his humdrum teaching job and soon faces the challenge of substituting for Miles’s history class. Worried he knows nothing about history, Bianca suggests making the lesson plan his own. He sets a very controversial assignment.

Indi is asked out by a couple of guys but after Kieran, she’s sworn off men. Then she sees Romeo is Summer Bay’s Young Entrepreneur and wonders if she made a mistake finishing with him. She texts him, hoping to rekindle their romance.

Angelo is shaken after his pig-shooting expedition with the Braxtons. He dreads going to work and feels threatened by his supposed business partner. Nicole feels awful after upsetting Marilyn. She and Angelo admit they would love to run away but Angelo hints at some scores he needs to settle…

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