Val admits her HIV fears to Diane

*Second episode*

Having just slept with Pollard, Diane is spinning like a top as she contemplates Victoria’s revelation that Val may be HIV positive. Suppressing her fears, she tears over to the B&B where she finds her sister in the middle of a meltdown. As tearful Val opens up about the problem – confessing that her holiday fling Ian has since told her he’s HIV positive – Diane urges her to get tested and to tell Eric.

Over at the cafe, Bob, too, is dealing with a bombshell as Ruby reveals the CCTV footage, which has captured Brenda pinching a customer’s scarf. As he apologises to Ruby for accusing her of stealing, the coffee shop owner knows he must confront his wife. But will Brenda talk?

Chas is having a great time on a date with James. But as the evening unfolds she finds herself being told by two different people to steer clear of the handsome farmer. Confronting him, Chas is happy to give James a chance when he admits he was stuck on someone, claiming to be over it.