*Second episode*

Smug Kerry’s not left feeling as if she’s won the light wars for long. When Val accidentally turns the snow machine on, the bitter rivals end up scrapping in front of the gathered crowd! Will their festive fight to have the best Christmas display ever end?

Having been seduced by Charity to infuriate Jai, Ross isn’t fazed. When he makes to leave, Charity panics knowing her seduction will have been for nowt if her estranged husband doesn’t ‘catch’ them. Leaping on the young man has the desired effect, delaying Ross’s exit, as does the aftermath when Jai finally returns to Holdgate to find them looking sexily dishevelled.

Home Farm is in a terrible state now Megan has walked out, as her horrified son Robbie discovers. As he starts to clear up, dishevelled Declan shuffles in. Robbie’s goodwill evaporates when Declan blames everything on Megan. Though he walks out on his uncle, he later returns with Katie, hoping she can help. But it’s no use, the bailiffs have arrived and are ransacking the house while Declan bitterly hits the bottle.