Val and Pollard are barely talking

The atmosphere at the B&B is icy. With Val unable to tell Pollard how a holiday fling she had in Portugal may have led to her contracting HIV, she’s turned frosty on her husband, and now the couple are barely talking. When Ian returns to the village to see if she’s had an HIV test, Val panics. As she tries to get rid of him, she’s sprung by Diane, who wants to know what’s going on.

Panicked over Rachel and Archie’s disappearance, Sam wants to do something and asks Cain to sort him out with a fake passport in case his search takes him abroad. Meanwhile, Jai, too, is desperate to know where the cleaner has gone with their love-child son. As he starts investigating, hiring a solicitor and a private detective, Jai finds out his name has been left off Archie’s birth certificate.

A chat with Dom leads smitten Harriet to believe she’s got a date with the single dad. The Barton boys are gutted to learn a farm that’s up for tenancy is out of their price range.