Val and Pollard are in a pickle over Amy

*First episode*

Val and Pollard reel as they learn Amy’s son’s adoptive parents have died. Knowing how the news will upset the teen – who was totally traumatised by the ordeal, which saw her give birth to Cain’s baby in a phonebox before giving him up for adoption – the couple wonder what to do for the best.
At her carjacker’s flat, Laurel confronts him, clutching a pair of scissors as a weapon! Ross is totally confused as she threatens to hurt him, like he hurt her… Meanwhile, back in the village, a panicked Marlon finds out Laurel’s not at work, demands Cain gives him the carjacker’s details and races off to find his girlfriend, with his cousin by his side…
Gemma tries to patch things up with Belle, but ends up running off in floods of tears. Having explained that she slept with Sean out of spite, Gemma is traumatised when Belle throws it back in her face, making a nasty comment about her abortion. The exchange leaves Belle wracked with guilt and feeling worse than ever.