Val becomes her own worst enemy

Val had such high hopes for the future, but that future included Amy and Kyle and, right now, she doesn’t have either of them. Amy moved in with David because Val could not support her decision to put Kyle up for adoption. Now Pollard is struggling to support Val as he doesn’t agree with the way she has treated Amy. Val thinks a trip to Portugal with Amy to see son Paul will make things better between them. But Amy won’t go and Pollard doesn’t want Val to go. He wants her to stay home and build bridges, but Val seems determined to burn them instead.

Moira desperately wants to build bridges, but farmer John’s not interested. She can see the attraction between Chas and John and feels defeated. But Chas wants to make sure John isn’t using her to get back at Moira and tells him if he wants her he’s going to have to prove it.

Rodney knows what he wants: more money from Carl. He thought he’d done well when he blackmailed Carl into buying his car. But then he tells Brenda about the whole crooked business and she thinks he’s been short-changed. Oh! So Rodney tells Carl to cough up more money or he’ll ruin him…