At the B&B, Finn and Emma have to call an ambulance when they find Val on the floor barely breathing after a coughing fit. Though Finn had persuaded HIV sufferer Val to see a doctor about her cough, the B&B owner’s collapse sees her fail to make the appointment and end up in hospital instead.

When Doug finds a bottle of vodka stashed under Lauren’s sink he knows he must talk to his daughter. On edge, the worried mum tries to gloss over her dad’s discovery, but Doug won’t be dissuaded – they need to talk.

DC Bright arrives at Home Farm where she informs Chrissie Lachlan’s case against Alicia is being dropped due to lack of evidence. The teen wants to put it all behind him – but is his mum going to allow that? Later, David and Leyla are left stunned when Alicia reveals her theory that Lachlan’s assault was all her fault.