Val conspires to rob the factory

Pollard lies to Val that he’s made no money from the factory closure so she conspires with Lisa to get the Dingles to rob the factory so she and Pollard can claim on the insurance. Val keeps Pollard out of the way while the Dingles break in but has a hard job-keeping Pollard away from the factory. An amorous David and Leyla interrupt the Dingles but they luckily decide to go elsewhere. Val tells a mystified Pollard that everything’s going to be OK…

Mark is hurt to find out that Natasha is leaving on holiday sooner than he thought. Nathan is worries about the atmosphere between his parents and tells Maisie about Natasha’s sudden holiday plans. Maisie offers to go on holiday with Natasha and breaks the news to Mark, who is grimly resigned to being abandoned by his wife.

Carl feels uneasy when Lexi tells Scarlett that they are going to go ahead with IVF and desperate to buy himself time, Carl asks Lexi not to tell anyone else about their plans. Jimmy is scornful when he finds out that Carl has agreed to IVF and urges his brother to tell Lexi that he doesn’t want kids before things go too far.