Val discovers Pollard’s deceit

Pollard lies in wait for the blackmailer and when a suspicious Val follows him to the country pub he jumps to the conclusion that she is the culprit. Pollard realises he’s made a big mistake and tries to explain himself, but inadvertently lets the cat out of the bag about his liaison with Rosalind. Pollard is horrified and begs Val to forgive him. He declares his love, but a mortified Val tells Pollard they’re finished!

Greg tells Mel that they need to go to the hospital to get some answers about Arthur and Daniel. Mel reluctantly agrees but it is clear she is terrified. At the hospital, the doctor admits there is a possibility that Arthur could be Laurel and Ashley’s baby and that they need to do a DNA test, but Mel is unsure.

Diane and Chas are stunned when they find out about Katie and Gray’s engagement and when the happy couple turn up at the Woolpack to celebrate, they get the full story. Diane is worried when she learns that Perdy knows nothing of the engagement, while Katie doesn’t know that Gray has been in contact with his ex.

Also, Jamie discovers a new secret ingredient to grow prize-winning veg for the competition.