Val and Eric are all talked out and now there’s no more for them to do or say; they just have to sit and wait at the clinic for Val’s test. Val’s terrified and glad Eric is at her side. Eric’s still hurt and angry, though – and more than shocked. HIV wasn’t even on the list of all the reasons he had imagined for Val keeping her distance. After Val’s test comes the result… It’s one they’re both dreading – and with good reason. Val is HIV positive.

Brenda is a thief and Bob’s not sure what to do. He manages to return some of Brenda’s stolen goods – but not without arousing suspicion. Then he does something foolish… He tells Dan that Brenda’s the thief and Dan, of course, tells Kerry. That’s just asking for more trouble… and Bob’s already struggling with Brenda’s new hobby. It makes her feel good but it’s against the law!

Talking of criminal behaviour… Bernice is determined to get even with Anton, the conman/date who tied her up and robbed her – and Nicola’s going to help her. Anton should be very afraid.