Val goes behind Diane’s back

Maisie is annoyed that Nathan is doing better than her business-wise and she slyly tells Mark that she is enjoying working at the pub and would love to be landlady. Maisie sulks when Mark is hesitant, so he puts some feelers out with Val. When Val and Pollard tell Mark to name his price, Mark claims he’s not really interested but he reconsiders after seeing how well Maisie is doing at the pub. The three of them agree to keep the deal secret – even from Diane.

Doug has a rotten day at the village fair and things get even worse when he is left in charge of the Emmerdale Explorers stall. Doug is tasked with minding Belle, Will and TJ and he falls victim to a prank which allows the kids to make off with a large jar of sweets.

Will messes around with the sweets and starts to choke. Natasha arrives just in time to save her son and is furious with Doug. Sandy tells Doug that he needs to sort out his reputation before things go even further downhill. A guilty Doug talks to Bob and tells him to ignore the village gossip about him and Brenda and to put himself first by selling to her.

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