Val has a run-in with Frankie

When Newt pleads for a note from Frankie excusing his absence from school yesterday, a furious Frankie refuses and tells him to stay away from Lauren. Over at the Valentines, Lauren is horrified when Val bans her from seeing Newt. Not to be deterred, Newt and Lauren sneak out to meet up.

But Lauren is appalled when Val appears and drags them to The Dog, wanting to give Frankie a piece of her mind. But when a furious Frankie points out her grandson is seriously ill with leukaemia, an embarrassed Val hauls Lauren off home and Lauren wonders if she’ll ever see her best friend again.

Frankie insists Jake stop feeling sorry for himself and think of Nancy and Charlie who need him more than ever. Still disgusted with Jake, Nancy blanks him when he arrives at the hospital, but relents when she sees a tearful Jake pour his heart out to Charlie.

Frankie urges Nancy to bury her differences with Jake for Charlie’s sake, and Nancy agrees. With this boost, Jake decides to bring the wedding forward and get married on Valentine’s day.

Also, Danny and Hannah’s lunch date at Il Gnosh goes wrong when a tactless Danny suggests they recreate Lady And The Tramp with their spaghetti.

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