Val has plans for Pollard and Brenda

Pollard and Brenda have had a lovely time in Cornwall and are back, but Val doesn’t want to hear about it. She wants to talk to them about the new work rota. Val wasn’t happy with it so she has tweaked it so it’s more to her liking, which means Pollard and Brenda aren’t going to like it. Tough! The fight for Pollard isn’t over, not by a long shot – and Brenda’s going to have to do more than maintain a dignified silence if she’s going to win.

Gennie has kept silent about her pregnancy but she can’t keep quiet when she starts bleeding. Chas rushes her to hospital but – phew! – everything’s OK. The doctor examines her, tells her there’s nothing to worry about and confirms her pregnancy. In fact, she’s 18 weeks’ pregnant. Eighteen weeks??? Oh yes, and the doctor gives Gennie a picture of the scan to prove it. Great! Now she can give Nikhil a Father’s Day card with the scan inside. Even he’ll get the picture.

Zak’s got a muddled picture again. The loan sharks have thrown him off balance and he takes off in a cab back to the hospital. But he doesn’t have the cab fare and the driver calls the police.

*Second episode*

The police have escorted Zak into the hospital and he immediately feels more secure in the secure unit. The doctor is worried, though. Zak’s scared and confused and rambling about stolen money and how there’s more money buried in the garden. The doctor realises Zak hasn’t been taking his medication and starts to treat him. So, now he knows how to make Zak feel better. But what about Lisa? She gets a call saying Zak has readmitted himself to hospital and she feels terrible. Is this her fault? Should she have realised Zak wasn’t as well as he seemed to be? Well, how could she? She doesn’t have the full picture – yet.

Robbie’s back at Home Farm and quickly puts Megan in the picture about how Declan has stayed in touch with him. She’s shocked and angry and tells Robbie to leave, but it’s Declan’s house and he invites him to stay. Is Declan inviting trouble into his home? Of course he is!

Ashley’s no longer welcome at the B&B when his bank card is declined. He can’t pay his bill so he has to go. How embarrassing.