Back at home after the hideous kidnapping ordeal, Val is in pieces. She’s devastated for her adopted daughter, Amy. Victoria gives Val and Andy letters from Amy and, when Pollard tries to make things better, she lashes out. Pollard is left fretting that their marriage is over… The police realise the part Kerry paid in Amy’s disappearance and she’s fined for wasting police time.

Love is on Paddy’s mind, too, as he decides to work at his relationship with Rhona. Marlon realises having Leo back at Smithy may help the couple and agrees to hand back his son to his mum.

As Ashley struggles over his application for village vicar, Edna and Sandy plot to cheer him up and Sandy later rolls up in a classy convertible for him. Elsewhere, Cain won’t open up to Moira about his feelings for Kyle.