Val kisses Rodney

Val is still under the assumption that Rodney is trying to woo Diane and she’s determined to put a stop to it to protect her sister. Val flirts with Rodney to see if he’ll take the bait to prove that he can’t be trusted. Rodney is taken aback when Val tries it on but gives in to a kiss. Val is triumphant until Rodney reveals he and Diane are just friends and she’s mortified that she’s cheated on Pollard for nothing.

Faye gets keys to a brand new car through her letterbox and Ryan thinks it’s a bribe from Mark. Faye angrily confronts Mark but he insists he had nothing to do with him. Cain reveals that he bought her the car as a moving in present. Faye flings the keys back at Cain and says she’s not that easily bought.

Edna is increasingly worried by Lily’s wild streak when she orders a flaming sambuca at The Woolpack and she thinks that Eddy is bad influence on her sister. Turner tells Edna that he’s planning to go on a motorbike tour with Eddy but practical Edna points out to him the reality of life on the road and he decides not to go.

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