Val puts Pollard in hospital!

It’s Amy’s 18th birthday, but her celebrations with Pollard are cut short by Val, who runs over Pollard with the moped she’s bought Amy for her birthday! Good grief! Val was upset when she heard that Pollard and Amy would be celebrating without her, so she’s tried a bit of one-upmanship by buying Amy the moped. All pleased with herself as she sits on it, Val revs the engine – and loses control, running the machine right into Pollard. He’s knocked to the ground and an ambulance is called. So that’s Amy’s birthday ruined. Nice one, Val.

Nikhil ruined all Gennie’s dreams when he dumped her then proposed because she’s pregnant. But he didn’t mean to, he was just being Nikhil. Can he put things right? He can certainly try – and that’s just what Brenda tells him to do. So he does. He bangs on Gennie’s door until she lets him in and convinces her that she’s the one he wants, the one he loves and he will try to be less…well, starchy. So, they’re engaged and there’s a wedding to plan! Just don’t let Val near this one…

The Sharma kids don’t want Val near their father, either. They know Rishi spent the night at The Woolpack and think the worst (but he slept on the sofa).