Val reveals her HIV secret to Victoria

Victoria charges over to the B&B when she hears Val and Pollard have split up over an affair. As Victoria lays into the B&B owner, it proves too much for Val who silences her by revealing her HIV secret. As she frantically rattles off a list of worries that have been dogging her since her holiday fling Ian tracked her down to the village and revealed he had HIV, Victoria’s anger turns to empathy. But can Val find it in her to admit the risky truth to her already betrayed husband?

The scheming continues for Charity and Declan, who put on an Oscar-winning performance of being a couple for the villagers. But behind closed doors, their partnership is strictly platonic. However, having slept together before, and with the chemistry building, the chummy status quo is unlikely to last.

With Bernice’s beer festival approaching, James manipulates the smitten barmaid to order more meat for the punters. And Bernice is only too happy to oblige, unaware James has an ulterior motive – impressing Moira!