Val runs over Samson!


Jonny nips out of the dance rehearsal to book an eye appointment for Val. Paul sees him on the phone and accuses him of cheating. Jonny blurts out the truth about Val’s cataracts in front of the dance contestants and Val is horrified and runs to her car. Val reverses but fails to see Samson and runs him over. Samson is rushed to hospital, but he’s fine apart from a broken arm. Lisa is furious with Val when the police decide not to prosecute.

David is furious when Donald reveals that he knows all about his affair with Nicola. Later, Nicola sees Donald struggling to get out of a chair and she asks him to take her to the danceathon, hoping to push him too far. Donald knows her game and tells her he’ll take her next year. A desperate Nicola resorts to flashing him a bit of a leg to get his heart racing, but she fails!

Eli discovers that Viv has got an estate agent to show potential buyers Tug Ghyll. Eli intercepts two buyers and tells them he’s a sitting tenant. His little speech does the trick and Eli warns Viv that he’s staying put.

Also, Lionel Blair judges the danceathon. Viv and Diane win!