Val suspects David is lying

Val confronts David over his deceit and the mysterious return of Pollard’s missing money. David claims that he stumped up the money himself to smooth things over between Pollard and Val. Val is suspicious, but decides to let things lie and David tells Del that he thinks Val is on to them. Del tries to reunite Val and Pollard and Marlon prepares a delicious meal for the couple. But the mood is spoiled when Val questions Pollard’s loyalty to David and their row spills into the Woolpack. Val tells David that Pollard only went into business with him to get his hands on David’s inheritance and she lays into Del for sticking by David.

Victoria begins to question the details of her mum Sarah’s death when Jack shows her a picture of Sarah. Victoria gives Diane a late Mothers Day gift, but stumps her stepmother when she admits that she thinks there’s more to her mum’s death than has been revealed. Diane is worried when Victoria wonders whether the police would reopen the case and she advises her to drop the subject.

Also, Jack asks Daz if he’s had words with Billy about letting Jack adopt him and a guilty Daz lies that they’ve discussed it, to avoid hurting Jack. An unsuspecting Jack is pleased that there’s been some progress, but Daz feels uncomfortable about lying.