Val is put out when she finds out that Pollard has offered David a partnership in an upholstery cleaning business without telling her, but she’s suspicious of Pollard’s motives. Val delves into Pollard’s briefcase to look at the papers and is shocked when she finds the DNA report that Pollard secretly had done, revealing that David is not his son.

Val confronts Pollard, who protests that he suspects David is trying to rip him off. David overhears their conversation, but keeps his new knowledge to himself.

Toni masks her sadness about her broken engagement to Paddy with anger and she packs up her belongings. Toni reveals to Pearl and Len that she’s going to Portugal to be with Latisha and she can’t settle for second best any more.

Paddy goes jogging with Marlon and Toni bumps into them. The couple have a heart-to-heart and make friends before Toni leaves for her new life abroad.

Viv visits Bob in jail and pleads with him for an explanation. A distraught Bob cracks and reveals that he’s confessed to the murder to get Jamie off the hook. Viv is outraged but she keeps the information to herself. Jamie is surprised by Viv’s sudden cold attitude towards him.

Also, Rodney is impressed by the work that Scott’s done on the vintage car.