Val tells Eric the awful truth!

Poor Eric has been imagining all sorts since Val put up a solid steel wall between them. A brick wall he would have been able to chip away at, but Val has been unreachable and Eric has turned to Diane for, er, comfort… in her bed. Not knowing that, Val finally plucks up the courage to tell Eric that Ian, the man she had in Portugal after she walked out on Eric, turned Val to ice by telling her he’s HIV positive – and now she’s scared she could be, too… Eric quickly realises he could be as well. So could Diane. He’s angry and scared – but he won’t walk away from Val.

Bob won’t turn his back on Brenda, either, now that he knows she’s behind the mini crime spree in the village. He shocks Brenda by telling her he’s got CCTV evidence of her stealing. Is she sorry? It seems she’s only sorry that she’s been caught…

Elsewhere, Chas is sorry when farmer James tells her he’s got to go to France on business. But then she’s angry when she finds out Cain has packed James off to keep him away from her.