Val twigs David had the cash all along!

Val and Pollard make up for lost time after their reconciliation, but their relationship soon returns to troubled waters when Pollard hints that Val lied about the wine bar finding the missing money and instead replaced it herself. Val storms off to the wine bar to corroborate the story, but they know nothing about it. Val suggests to Pollard that David had the money all along and he’s furious about her accusation. A fed up Val tells Pollard that he must choose between David and her.

Sam decides to stand on his own two feet and move out of the Dingles’ with baby Samson. Sam talks to an amused Chas about renting Dale View and she accepts his request, despite some initial reservations. Sam learns that Emily is having a hard time living with Kelly over at Victoria Cottage and sets his heart on asking Emily to move in with him. Sam is heartbroken when he learns that Jimmy has asked Kelly to move in with him and a relieved Emily is happy to continue renting with Paul

Also, Diane misses spending Mothers Day morning with her family when Val calls in sick and she has to take over at the pub. Diane is touched when Daz turns up with a card and present for her but she’s concerned when she realises that Daz borrowed money from Billy to pay for it.