Although the fundraiser hasn’t gone as well as Pollard had hoped, it has made Val realise she can’t live without him. So, while he recuperates in hospital she arranges a surprise for him. Returning to the village, Pollard spots Val outside the church where she gets down on one knee and asks him to renew their vows! And it doesn’t take long for Pollard to think about what his answer will be…

Worried that his daughter will end up being sent to prison, Zak comes round to the idea of doing a runner with Lisa and Belle. But when they are all packed up and ready to  go, Lisa has a change of heart and decides they should stay behind to brave it out. Sam, however, has already devised a plan of his own to save the teenager from spending the best years of her life in prison.

At the factory, Megan is looking after things for Jai, but has incurred the wrath of worker Leyla and the two women try to get one over on each other. When Megan sends her off to scrub the factory toilets, Leyla says it will take more than that to make her crack.