Val wants out of the pub and the village

Val feels sorry for herself and begs Terry for help and he’s worried he’s going to be stuck with her for even longer. Terry tells Diane that Val seems genuinely miserable, but Diane doesn’t want to know. Val pleads with Pollard to give her a second chance and offers to help him out with his finances, but he refuses and instead demands a divorce. Val sobs on Diane and tells her there’s nothing here for her in the village any more and she wants to be bought out of the pub.

John questions Moira’s treatment of Andy and points out she doesn’t know if Andy tried to hurt Hannah. Moira asks Hannah for a full explanation and is mortified Hannah confesses she was upset because Andy knocked her back. Moira hurries over to the pub and apologises to Andy and asks him to take his job back.

Chas is still furious with Paddy for cancelling his work trip because he’s worried that she’ll run off with Carl. Chas tells Paddy that if he doesn’t trust her there’s no point in them being together.

Also, Jamie is jealous when Gennie receives another letter from her boyfriend in Brighton; Pollard discovers a new factory is being built in the village.