Val tries get Bonnie to leave but she’s stopped in her tracks when Bonnie reveals that the ‘Derek’ tattoo refers to a barman they met on holiday. Bonnie promises to keep it secret, but Val feels obliged to join Bonnie for an all-day drinking session. Pollard chucks the pair out of the house when he finds them legless and they stay over at Paul’s. Val discovers a ‘Bonnie and Val 2008’ tattoo on a sleeping Bonnie and wonders if Bonnie is a stalker!

Doug is in a bad way after learning about Hilary’s divorce plans and he drowns his sorrows in the pub. Doug gets drunk with Bonnie, who causes havoc when she ends up dancing on the table. Diane throws out Doug and Bonnie and Laurel is worried by Doug’s behaviour.

Katie is back from her break and is pleased to hear that Gray has left the village. But she soon discovers that Gray has taken his revenge by sabotaging her business when she discovers the stables have been cleared. Matthew warns Katie that he’s had another offer for the land and may have to consider it unless she can get the business back up and running fast.

Also, Donald is impressed by Anna’s negotiating skills.