Harold and Lou are intrigued by Valda’s new business, selling plus-size lingerie online, with Lou interested in new ways to make a fast buck.

Nick suggests that Laura asks Paul for a big pay out so that they can start again somewhere else. Although keen to help, Paul explains that he no longer owns Lassiter’s and can’t access any cash. Assuming he’s lying, Laura steals his bankcard, but breaks down when she realises Paul was indeed telling the truth. Upset to see his girlfriend slipping back into destructive grief, Nick vows that they will make Paul pay for a fresh start…

With his future at Erinsborough High on the line, Ringo throws himself into training for the upcoming marathon. With Frazer’s help, Ringo manages to avoid getting expelled and is given a week’s suspension instead. Ringo prepares to accept his fate, but is furious to learn that it means he has to miss training too. Later, he seeks out Rachel and the pair give in to their desires and kiss.

Also, Oliver asks Elle for help choosing nursery decorations and Riley accuses him of being insensitive.