Valerie breaks down at her own party!

Valerie shows the group a kitchen knife at her Cooks Heaven party but suddenly the smoke alarm starts to wail and Ayesha announces the night is a hoot as she helps herself to Rob’s beer from the fridge. Things go from bad to worse when the Heavenly Stirrer goes missing, Karen burns her hand on a tray of crab puffs and Ruhma catched her fingers in a pasta maker.

Valerie finally loses her cool and announces her life is a mess – she’s in debt as she invested so much money in the Cooks Heaven products and, on top of that, she and Ashley aren’t getting along. Karen announces she doesn’t want any Cooks Heaven products anymore – the brochure says you can give to charity instead, so how about they all just donate towards research into aneurysms? Emma is touched by what is clearly a tribute to Howard.

Later, Valerie calmly rips the wings off the Heavenly Stirrer and uses it to scoop up some cat litter!