Gary and Owen are uneasy as they set off to the mill. At the building site, there’s no sign of Phelan and they’re still unsure if he’s dead or alive. As Gary’s fear grows, Owen does his best to calm him down, but when Valerie arrives demanding to know where Phelan is, the pair decide to keep their secret.

It’s back to reality for Tina and Peter when Carla returns from Paris. Tina can’t help but feel jealous when Carla boasts about spending the morning in bed with her husband. Unable to listen to Carla any longer and struggling with her lie, she texts Peter, leaving Carla and Michelle to their second bottle of wine.

Dev’s thrilled when Stella suggests they meet for a birthday drink. Stella suggests they go back to No 13 where the residents are secretly holding a surprise birthday for him. Thinking his luck is in he tries to kiss Stella, but suddenly the lights go on, leading Dev mortified

Also, Jason is unimpressed to see Tony kissing Liz passionately in the street; and Steph moves into Tina’s flat with the help of her brother Luke.