Doctors Spoilers: Valerie feels hurt!

No one attends Valerie's party

Valerie is upset that no one has bothered to attend her party. Valerie has never felt more alone – will she be able to forgive her friends for rejecting her?

Daniel is gobsmacked to find out that Amanda is Jimmi’s ex-wife. However, Jimmi wants to know why she’s back in town. Amanda tries to explain herself, but both Daniel and Jimmi aren’t interested.

It doesn’t take long for the news to spread that Amanda is Jimmi’s ex-wife and Zara mocks Daniel for, once again, being caught with one of Jimmi’s wives. Meanwhile, Emma is disturbed by the lies that Amanda has told in order to get close to those at The Mill and, ultimately, to Jimmi. Will Emma want her out of her house?

Later, Amanda tracks Jimmi down at The Mill and she tries her best to explain herself. At first, Jimmi pulls away, but eventually he listens to what Amanda has to say. Will Amanda be able to charm her way back into Jimmi’s good books?