Barry visits Valerie and says that, if she needs him for anything, he will be there. He knows she has Ashley, but… she interrupts, not anymore. They split up, he doesn’t even know she’s ill. Barry starts to wonder if there might be a future for him and Valerie and the pair hold hands.

Ayesha is home alone, looking at a mess and an eviction notice when Emma arrives. They find Ayesha’s nursing certificate and Emma says Bren must still care for her. Ayesha says that Emma hasn’t seen the note Bren left. Tidying up, they feel better and have a dance.

Victoria is bought to the Campus after slipping over and reveals to Sid she used to be his dinner lady. She tells him she’s dreading retirement and wants to get together with Nigel. Victoria leaves, and stops a boy being run down by someone driving while on the phone. It’s Nigel! He thought she’d gone without saying goodbye and the pair admit their true feelings.