At St. Phil’s, Valerie meets nurse, Nina, but once alone she begins to cry. She also meets fellow cancer patient Claire Matthews. Nina takes Valerie through to the radiologist, Dr Mukisa, who will perform the biopsy. Afterwards, Valerie asks Nina how long it will take to get the results, but Nina can’t give a definite answer. Valerie numbly walks down the street and returns to The Mill in a world of her own.

Ayesha’s old friend Lydia comes in to The Mill and hands out flyers for her motivational speech. At the talk, Ayesha realises Lydia is passing someone else’s life story off as her own. Lydia confesses that she had to use another girl’s story, as her own life is not interesting enough. With a little encouragement from Ayesha, Lydia begins to rewrite her speech.

Niamh suggests that Emma invite her dad over Christmas, but she tells Niamh she has decided to visit Chris in Australia instead. Valerie overhears them, worried what her own future holds.