Valerie grabs life… and Barry!

Heston and Ruhma are hosting a dinner party for Karen, Rob, Valerie and Barry, when Heston’s struck by a sudden pain in his chest. The paramedics assess him and find him much better while Heston dismisses it as heartburn. Valerie drunkenly grabs Barry for a kiss then asks: ‘Your place or mine’? Barry is taken aback but Valerie announces: ‘To hell with that, life’s too short!’

Jimmi goes to see Martin, whose son Paul has learning difficulties. Suddenly, a girl bursts out of Paul’s bedroom and Rob tells Jimmy she was reported missing two weeks ago. Sian spots her mum arriving, but when her dad comes round the corner, she’s clearly terrified. Rob realises that Paul was just trying to help Sian while Sian’s father is taken away.

Niamh meets Ben for a date and he admits his son, Harry, has a systemic autoimmune condition, which has the doctors stumped. He and his wife have split up but they share Harry’s care. He apologises for making the date such a downer and Niamh’s torn between liking Ben and wondering what she’s got herself into.