Valerie helps a father and son

Valerie meets Ned at a Speed Awareness Course, and he admits he’s taking the class for the places of his alcoholic dad, Benny. Later, Valerie offers to drive Ned home and they nearly have a collision with Benny, who’s speeding dangerously again. Suddenly Ned sees Benny for what he really is and asks Valerie to call the police.

Daniel is galled to find that Franc has done an amazing job at the clinic but soon discovers that Franc has lied to him. He isn’t properly qualified. Franc reminds Daniel how good he’s been for business and Daniel consents to keep Franc on as his assistant – provided he agrees to do the training.  

As the online documentary ‘A day in the life of a practice manager’ plays – Howard is glued to the screen, unaware that the rest of the team have discovered what he’s up to and have crept into the room. Howard is amazed to discover that Heston, Karen and Valerie are all on camera singing his praises. Heston is astonished as a misty-eyed Howard pulls him into a man hug!