Valerie helps a daughter in distress

Valerie has to help when a woman finds her father with a sex worker!

Amy is shocked to discover her seriously ill father Ian with a sex worker. She pushes Denise away from him, causing her to fall and hurt her wrist. Ian pleads with his daughter not to leave, he just wants her to have a life for herself. Will Amy agree?

Karen is full of the joys of Christmas and is looking forward to relaxing as Immie and Jack are coming to stay. However, Karen is left annoyed when Gina makes a suggestion that could ruin her festive period. Will Karen’s selfishness cause a trouble between her and Rob?

Rosie comes for a consultation with Jimmi. She’s in good health; something she puts down to her new faith and also her new man. Max has been waiting in reception and is charm personified as he meets Jimmi. But does Jimmi smell a rat?