Valerie is back!

Mrs Tembe and Heston marvel as the replacement receptionist arrives – Valerie! After locking up, she finds Sid searching through the nurse’s cupboard and having never met him she assumes he’s a thief looking for drugs.

Owen asks Rob about the arrangements for Howard’s funeral but Nadia is annoyed that he keeps talking about death and races off. Owen follows her but is then called back by a pedestrian signalling towards a man having a stroke. Rob’s appalled that Nadia rushed off but she apologises and explains she may have inherited Huntington’s disease.

A distressed Emma tells Niamh and Heston that Amelia wants nothing to do with the funeral and torments herself again over Howard’s death. But when she calms down she starts to engage with the plans for the funeral. Niamh is glad that they seem to be making progress but leaves Emma wondering if life is just going to be one big performance from now on.