Valerie is heartbroken

Will Valerie ever forgive Ashley?

Valerie feels hurt and humiliated after finding out that Ashley’s wife is pregnant. Ayesha comforts Valerie and avoids telling her: ‘I told you so.’ Then, the doorbell rings – it’s Ashley. Valerie is stunned to see his suitcase in his hand. He tells Valerie that he has left Helen and Valerie is the woman that he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

After hearing his heartfelt plea, Valerie lets him inside. However, just as Ashley gets comfortable, Valerie gives him a piece of her mind. She berates him for leaving her after her cancer diagnosis, tells him he’s despicable for leaving his heavily pregnant wife – then orders him to get out. Afterwards, Valerie knows she made the right decision but ends up breaking down.

Also, now that the NHS inspection has been completed, Mrs Tembe wants to get on with other things. Firstly, she starts by running temperature tests of the staff and assessing their health. What will she find? Finally, she tells Emma that she will be embarking on an LGBTQIA+ course…