Mrs Tembe suggests Valerie should make a Bucket List and everyone puts forward ideas. Anthony asks to see Valerie, and says he would like to keep her as his Administrative Assistant, until she is ready to go back to reception. However, he’s clear that it’s not a cushy number, it’s an important job and that The Mill needs Valerie.

Valerie is delighted, and Mrs Tembe is too. People continue to make Bucket List suggestions, but Valerie doesn’t like any of them, and after Anthony says a Bucket List should be very selfish, she comes up with her own one. Which involves meeting West End Superstar Ricky Delaine!

Ella tells her friend Pennie she’s thinking of leaving her husband, Neil. Suddenly, Ella suddenly feels dizzy, so Pennie takes her to the Campus surgery. When Sid comes out, Ella admits he’s a spitting image of her husband when she met him all those years ago. Ella and Neil talk to each other and, with a bit of help from Sid, they realise they need to work harder at their relationship.