Valerie makes Mrs Tembe feel guilty

Valerie Pitman makes it her mission to make Mrs Tembe feel bad for firing her...

Valerie goes out of her way to make Mrs Tembe feel as guilty as possible and Karen and Heston also express their disappointment.

Zara decides to do a review with Emma into the death of Baby Nicholas but her questions re-open Emma’s wounds. With Zara’s report staring her in the face, Emma decides she has had enough of being patronised. She grabs the notes and marches out – she knows exactly who to blame for her current situation and it isn’t Zara! Emma accuses Mrs Tembe of not supporting her– this would never have happened if Howard was still around!

A grocery delivery driver, Ronnie crumples to the ground with chest pains and his friend Rose clutches her chest too before running away. She rushes to see Jimmi, who suggests she tell Ronnie about her condition. She heads to the hospital and tells Ronnie she has Mirror Touch Synaesthesia – a rare condition that means she experiences other people’s feelings. She got scared earlier because she could feel his pain. Ronnie tells Rose he admires her and the pair hold hands.