Valerie and Mrs Tembe are at war

It's definitely not the season of good cheer between Valerie and Mrs Tembe...

Mrs Tembe is ready to get in the Christmas spirit and starts by bringing in Christmas decorations for the surgery. However, what should be a merry time, turns sour when Mrs Tembe and Valerie end up arguing over who will be decorating the practice. Will they be able to work together or will the pair end up in World War Three?

Rosie waits patiently for Max at the Icon and the date goes well, until Max spots Emma. In a desperate bid to leave the Icon without being spotted by Emma, Max rushes her out but will Rosie smell a rat? Also, when Rosie and Max head back to her halls, will Rosie do something she’ll later regret?

Also, Mrs Tembe and Sid help a couple who find out some difficult truths about their family situation.