Valerie steps on Heston’s pan-toes!

When Heston rubbishes Valerie’s idea to organise a work outing to see the local panto Robin Hood, he ends up suggesting he’s going to write his own traditional panto based on the story of Cinderella. Valerie quickly spreads the word to Mandy and Chris, who questions what Heston’s planning to do with the profits: can they be put towards a new MRI scanner for the kiddie cancer ward at St. Phil’s?

Heston is guilted into doing as Chris asks, even though he knows his panto will most likely never happen. When Valerie misinterprets that Heston’s stressing over having to organise the entire panto himself, she’s determined to lighten Heston’s load and tells him she’s booked the Civic Hall for mid-December. Stunned, Heston realises it’s too late to back out now…

Jas can’t stop thinking about Aran and goes online to look at his Mates Reconnected profile, where she discovers Aran is attending a communication course the following day at the uni. Zara sees what she’s up to and advises never go back to an ex – but then Kevin point out Zara’s advice is suspect, given that she went back to Daniel.

Jas tells Zara that, when she was captured by Gus, it was Aran she thought about – she now knows for sure it’s him that she wants. Zara understands – she doesn’t regret going back to Daniel. Determined, Jas manages to bribe her way onto the course the next day…

Also, Mandy visits a paralysed patient and his carer brother – but discovers a hidden truth that threatens to blow them apart.