Valerie tells Ruhma the truth

Valerie admits she had an affair with Ashley

Ruhma and Valerie decide to go to a garage sale together. As they sift through items, Valerie asks Ruhma if she has seen Ashley. Ruhma warns Valerie that she can’t discuss patient information, as it’s confidential – something she knows!

Valerie decides to come clean and admit she was having an affair with Ashley and she knew he was married. However, she stopped the affair when she found out that he had a baby on the way with his wife. Valerie tells Ruhma that she’s been trying to work through her issues of guilt with Jimmi but is having a hard time working through her actions and doesn’t think she will ever find happiness. Ruhma encourages Valerie to keep an open mind as love could be just around the corner.

Later, the pair walk past a jewellery shop and Ruhma spots a real opal ring for an extremely low price. Is this bargain too good to be true?