Valerie prepares for an important meeting

Will Valerie ace her meeting?

Valerie is ready for the PPG meeting after work. She gets Ben to test her on all the facts and figures she will need to know and it is clear that Valerie knows her stuff, she just has to have confidence. Valerie is the first person to arrive for the meeting and begins to set up. While setting up, Ashley walks in and the pair have a moment before being interrupted by other attendees. The meeting finally begins and the gloves are off between Valerie and Ashley, as Valerie puts him in his place multiple times over the scabies infestation, Ben as a practice manager and the safety of The Mill. After the meeting has finished, Ashley gives Valerie an apology after leaving her when he found out she had cancer but it is too little, too late.

Meanwhile, Eve has being trying to get hold of Al all day, but he is busy with patients so doesn’t respond to her missed calls. When Al gets home, he rings Eve back and is confused when she starts asking about windows, unable to shake his suspicions, he investigates further and finds out that Eve has been conned out of £1,000 by a window company! Will Al be able to get her money back?