Valerie takes her healthy eating obsession too far

Valerie's know-it-all advice hurts the feelings of a patient

Valerie comforts a patient called Sandra who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. However, when Valerie starts to discussing the idea of her diet being linked to her cancer diagnosis, Sandra lambasts Valerie for being insensitive to her health problems.

Valerie’s healthy eating advice even grates on Emma. When Emma tells Valerie she’s thinking of registering her house with HomeBnB, Valerie gets overexcited and plans what Emma could offer potential guests in terms of food options and even criticises the photos Emma has taken!

Also, Will is hungover and Jimmi assumes he will be taking things easy and having a night in. However, Will’s going out again – he’s DJing at The Green Dog before heading out for a night of clubbing. Will invites Jimmi to join him on his wild night out – but will Jimmi be able to keep up?