Val is suffering in her bid to give up smoking and she finally cracks and heads off to the post office to buy a packet of cigarettes. Val sneaks into the backroom of the pub for a secretive smoke, but when she’s interrupted by Paul she tosses the still lit cigarette into the bin to avoid getting caught.

Marlon and Donna’s plans to use the pub backroom go up in smoke when the smouldering cigarette sets off the fire alarm. Donna is incensed by Val’s carelessness and they have a huge bust up, ending in Donna declaring that she and Marlon will be finding somewhere else to live!

Rodney still has his feet under the table at Pollard’s and Pollard is starting to get very fed up of living with him. Val is stuck in the middle of the warring men and feels obliged to ask Paul to take in his dad for a while, but Rodney is too proud to accept and insists that he’ll find somewhere to live himself.

Viv continues to smart over her argument with Kelly but she feels guilty when Bob points out that although she lost a husband when Vic died, Kelly lost a father and a father can never be replaced. Viv apologises to Kelly for her harsh words, but Kelly is still too upset to forgive her.