Val’s big date with Tiny

*Second episode*

Having agreed to go on a date with Tiny, Val agrees to meet him in the Woolpack where the pair get on so well they arrange a second date. When Diane later tells her sister that she must tell Tiny that’s she’s HIV positive before they take things any further, Val is adamant that he doesn’t need to know…

Donna explains to Rhona that she came back to Emmerdale for April’s sake because she wants to leave her daughter with a family who love her when she dies. Although Donna knows Marlon will be a great to April, she doesn’t think he’s ready to hear the truth, so she asks Rhona to keep quiet about her terminal illness. Will Rhona be able to stay true to her word?

Laurel is beginning to become suspicious about Donna and Marlon’s relationship, but is reassured when she gets home to find her man has cooked her a fancy meal and he explains that he’s found things a bit awkward with Donna because Rhona had suggested she was still in love with him. However, he continues, it’s all right now because Rhona has since admitted she got her wires crossed.

What Marlon doesn’t realise is that Rhona’s only said this because she now knows the truth about Donna.