Val’s furious about her new neighbours

Adam and Aaron have swapped their idea to run a cab firm for setting up a scrapyard, but Pollard and Val aren’t impressed! In fact they are disgusted by the thought of having a tip just a few yards away from the B&B. What does impress Val, however, is the way Tracy deals with a difficult customer so she hints there could be more work in the offing for her, but it seems Tracy doesn’t plan to stay around. After Tracy returns the money that she owes the Dingles, Sam begins to wonder if she’s turned over a new leaf – so as she prepares to leave the village, will he ask her to stay?

It’s a big day for Charity as she heads to court and she’s confident that things will go in her favour, especially as she’s persuaded Sam to paint her in a good  light when he takes to the witness stand. However, when Ali points out that Rachel could be dead because of what Charity did, Sam tells his cousin that he’s not making any promises about what he will say. Charity’s rattled, but that’s not the only thing to shake her up when she realises that she’s falling for Cain!

After asking Emma to return to the village, Ross is surprised when she turns up on his doorstep. His dad, James, has already hinted Emma would listen to Ross above anyone else in the family, so the bad-boy Barton wants to know why. Will Emma shed any light or will Ross be left with some unanswered questions?