Val’s got bad news for Alicia (VIDEO)

Well, after some hard pushing from Amy, Val has agreed to withdraw the assault charge against Alicia. But she can’t. The police tell Val that it’s too late because Alicia has already pleaded guilty. Oh no! Val needs a drink before she can break the bad news to Alicia, who needs to use massive self-restraint to stop herself hitting Val again. Now what’s Alicia going to do? Go to prison, it seems, and David tells her to speak to Justin because someone is going to have to take care of Jacob.

Debbie pushes Cain to talk to Zak, but he wants nothing to do with his dad. He has a change of heart, though, when he hears that Debbie’s going to see Zak because he won’t. At the psychiatric unit, Cain goes in all guns blazing, telling his dad to buck up and think of how he’s hurting his family. The old Zak would have shouted back, but the broken Zak cries and walks away.

The Dingles are in disarray, but still Jai is excited about the possibility of having a baby with Charity. He’s thinking of creating a new Sharma – forgetting that the child will have Dingle blood. Still, at least its mum won’t be related to its dad.